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Above is the banner from our original RV Lifestyle Website & Forum (when we converted to full time RVer's in 1998).

I am Art. Nancy (my wife) and I have I been on again, off again, and currently on again full time RVers since 1998. We currently winter in Livingston, TX and spend the rest of the year traveling throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. We have a 27 year old son (Brian). I also have 2 children ages 42 (Don) and 40 (Chris), and two grandchildren ages 18 (Gabe) and 16 (Joe). (All ages are as of 12/31/2011).

My main interests are RVing and Bicycling.

Where Are We? (Datastorm User 3185).

Below is a photo of my mom (died 11/22/2011), her three boys, my three boys and my two grandchildren.
(I am the "old" guy in white shorts).

Knapp Family Photo
Knapp Family Photo

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